Athens by Night Tour & Greek Dance with Dinner

Private Evening/ Night tour in Athens

Athens By Night Tour & Greek Folklore Dance with dinner... Traditional Greek culture, fine food & wine in a historic tavern...a night not to be missed...


Athens Night Tour & Greek Folklore Dance (max 5 hours)

Athens by Night Tour, Evening Tour... Our Comment: Athens is an entertaining city.  On any winter (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and summer night there are out door concerts from your favorite rock stars to classical music, ballet, and the Dora Stratou Dancers. There are giant indoor-outdoor discos and clubs where the most famous Greek singers perform nightly to packed houses. In the winter Athens club scene comes alive with shows ranging from blues-rock-jazz to traditional Rembetika, laika and of course punk-rap and whatever is happening in the west.


Enjoy a traditional Greek dinner in the Plaka area with free local wine from the barrels, and during your dinner enjoy the folklore dances performed by professional dancers and typical Greek Bouzouki music. After your dinner, you can join the dancers, who will teach you how to dance Syrtaki and other folk - dances.

From 65 € min. 4 persons with dinner

 Athens evening tour begins with a short panoramic drive through the City Center and at the slope of the sacred hill you will be able to see, admire and photo the illuminated Acropolis. We will drive you to Piraeus in Mikrolimano, short stop... walk, drink an Ouzo...Then a pleasant walk through the picturesque narrow streets of Plaka, the old part of the city, will bring you at a Typical Greek Tavern where you will enjoy your dinner following a show with live music and Greek Folk Dances in traditional costumes.

Welcome to our special Greek night show. But before we will show you the night time side of Athens, with its ancient buildings lit up. Our private night tour we will take you up Lycabettos Hill where you will get a birds eye view of the whole of Athens as it is at night... Continue to Mikrolimano for an Ouzo in front water

Mikrolimano is another place you should visit in Piraeus. Mikrolimano is the second largest Yacht marina of Athens port with lots of fish &  seafood restaurants. It is a beautiful little harbor with fishing boats, small boats and luxury yachts.  Many Greek films have used this location because of its idyllic atmosphere.

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DORA STRATOU GREEK DANCES THEATER. The living museum of Greek dance, since 1953, A non profit institution subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and the National Tourism Organization under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens. Daily performances in the 900 seat garden theater, located on Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis - An ensemble of 75 dancers, musicians and folk singers - A collection of 2.500 village - made costumes, jewels and other works of folk art worn on stage - Courses, lectures and workshop on folk dance, folk instruments and folk embroidery - Field research programs in Dance Ethnography, Dance History or Sociology - Study group, courses and workshops on Ancient Greek dance- Costume copies can be made to order - Close cooperation with the International Dance Council CID and the International Organization of Folk Art (both UNESCO non- Governmental organizations).

In the idyllic surroundings of Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis, in the Dora Stratou garden - theatre,  regional cultures come to life.75 dancers, singers and folk musicians revive folk songs, musical instruments and dances in authentic local costumes, offering a wonderful spectacle and illustrating the continuity of ancient traditions. Performances from May through September: Tuesday till Saturday at 21.30 - Sunday at 20.15 - Mondays closed.

Dora Stratou Folklore Dance
Dora Stratou Folklore Dance
Dora Stratou Folklore Dance
Athens Wine Bar
Tasting Wine Bar
Night Walking in Plaka
Monastiraki Square late night
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Athens is virtually a paradise for night owls. Whether your start with dinner and then hit the clubs or begin with a couple of drinks before making your way to one of the many live music establishments, the city is sure to keep you entertained until the early hours. The atmosphere in some of the bars and dance clubs has to be seen to be believed, while a visit to a bouzouki club is an experience not to be missed. There are countless coffee shops that stay open until late at night, taverns, restaurants, theaters and cinemas (both indoor and outdoor).

Touring Info

Athens by Night Tour/ Open Days: Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday: Approx.(4 hours)

Hours up on Schedule


Pass by the main ancient attractions in city  to see the night reflect upon them. Drive to Mikrolimano harbour to taste an ouzo. Have dinner 3 dishes and Greek folk dances /Bouzouki music

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Greek Night

Traditional Greek culture, fine food and wild entertainment is on the menu at the historic Kalokerinos Taverna for a night not to be missed. Enjoy a spectacular evening of Greek dancing in Plaka with exquisite Mediterranean food and wine and no shortage of fun.

From 65 € min. 4 persons with dinner

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Dora Stratou Folklore Dance