Travel back in Herodotus History Time... Visit The famous Battle fields of Marathon. Thermopylae, Plataea & Perama/Salamis...

Combine a Herodotus tour & Ancient Sparta...


Greek Persian Wars

We Visit Marathon & Thermopylae as travelers and not as tourists... We view the Historical Battle fields in Marathon & Thermopylae from all different angles. Visit Atheni...
Maraton Thermopylae (8 hours)
8 hr
280€. Price Varies
We visit Sparta as travelers, not as tourists. We get as excited as you to travel, to enjoy history, scenery & photography. If you want to see most of Modern/ Ancient S...
Sparta & Mystras Private Tour (10 hours)
10 hr
320€. Price Varies
Herodotus History Greek Persian Wars. Visit with an expert English/ Russian speaking driver the famous battle fields of Marathon, Thermopylae, Plataea and Salamis. Visit ...
Maraton Thermopylae Plataea (11 hours)
11 hr
350 €. Price Varies
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