Marathon Thermopylae Delphi (overnight) Plataea Salamis (2 days tour)

March 30, 2018

By Greece Private Tours

Day 1: Marathon -Thermopylae - Delphi- Plataea tour starts from Athens in the morning. Visit the battlefields of Marathon and the tombs of the Athenian soldiers who died in the battle. We will drive to Marathon bay, and maybe see the killing marshes we will visit the Marathon museum 6km farther...Leave Marathon for the drive to Thermopylae stopping to see the statue of Leonidas.The morphology of the ground has changed due to erosion by rain and sea. You can still get a good idea of how the battle must have been and where it took place. To obtain more detailed  information on the sites and what took place at Marathon and Thermopylae please use the hyperlinks. We continue for Delphi...Overnight up on the mountain Parnassus.


Day 2: We visit Delphi and the Oracle of Apollo which the Greeks would consult before battles.

Around noon we depart for Thebes (visit Museum)

and continue to Plataea battle fields & Gargaphia Spring (visit) and next drive through Mount Cithaeron to Elefsis .

Gargaphia Spring  was the Greeks’ main source of water.

Next we take the scenic coastal road to Piraeus. We will view the sea paths of Salamis with Perama. To obtain more detailed information on the sites and what took place at Plataea and Salamis please use the hyperlinks.



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