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We visit Greece as travelers and not as tourists. We love traveling, guiding, tasting, photography... 5 Senses Tour is not an Exaggeration...  We travel & see the other Greece

ABOUT GREEKS They were an extraordinary people born of white rock and blue sea. They invented democracy, distilled logic and reason, wrote plays to plumb the deepest recesses of the soul and captured the perfection of the human form in athletics and art. Quite simply, the Greeks created our world.
These days, Greece conjures up very different images… civic and public strikes, financial meltdowns, long bank lines. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that strife and discord are often required for greatness. Ancient Greece was born out of chaos, economic and environmental collapse, political turmoil and brutal warfare. And yet, it alone became the cornerstone of Western Civilization. Why did this particular culture blaze so brightly? What was it about Greece that cultivated so many revolutionary ideas? And how did it guide civilization into the world we know today?...The answers are here, to find out... if you think or dream to travel in Greece, we are here to make this travel a reality...


 We visit Greece as travelers and not as tourists. We love traveling, history, tasting, photography... 5 Senses Tour is not an exaggeration

Our passion is traveling, History & Archaeology, nature photography! We believe in providing a personal touch beyond just making your reservations. All our drivers have traveled extensively and have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we book for. We’re in the business of making your travel arrangements hassle-free. We sell Experiences and not Brochures.


We are licensed and authorized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism & Greek National Tourism Organization. Even if you don’t choose Greece Private Travel for your tours or transfers,  choose wisely and only someone certified.  License Number: 0261E70000623201 / Navarchou Votsi 43. Athens Tk 17343

Are any differences Between a Traveler and a Tourist?


It's usually easy for locals to spot a tourist among them. A tourist may carry a camera, guidebook and map at all times and wear the same clothing he'd wear at home. Tourists tend to stay in their comfort zones a bit, they may speak only English (or their own language) instead of trying to learn phrases in the local language, stick to major cities or take cruises  instead of venturing to smaller towns or off-the-beaten-path locations and stay in areas where the amenities are similar to what they have at home. They are usually controlled from their leader group, who drives them to typical tourist traps ( Shops/ restaurants) just to get a commission.


Generally speaking, someone who considers himself a traveler will try to immerse himself in the local culture rather than standing out. If you're a traveler, you may try to explore the less-traveled areas and explore locations, shops, restaurants where tourism doesn't setup the usually tourist traps. You'll interact with locals. Your goals for a trip will be to learn and experience new things, rather than to take a relaxing break from everyday life. A traveler may consider a trip a journey, maybe an adventure, rather than a typical vacation.

We Can help You, being a better Tourist and feel as a Traveler

Being a tourist is perfectly okay. If you're more comfortable around other tourists and want to document every sight plus other tourists with your camera, waiting on queues (For Example Cruises queues...), been driven in usually tourist traps, go ahead.

 1) Don't let your guidebook dictate your schedule. Find some English-speaking locals and ask them for advice on what sights you should see. You may discover a new favorite spot you'd never find in a book. Walk some areas on foot or travel with a local  driver/ guide,  to experience the place as the locals do instead of taking guided tour buses.

 2) Let us take you to places where locals seems to gather, like a town square, a pedestrian road, a traditional restaurant or a small cafe, and spend some time there. Strike up conversations with people of all ages. Ask questions about the local culture and talk about common interests; at the very least, you'll leave with a broadened worldview.

 3) Let us drive you via local roads to see the other GREECE, as the region of Mani, Macedonia in Greece, Mount Olympus, Mount Pelion, Epirus (Mount Pindos )... and a lot more.  Of course we are not going to avoid the popular places/ attractions, as Acropolis & Parthenon in Athens, Delphi, Meteora, Ancient Olympia, Corinth, Cape Sounion...etc,  but we visit all the sites as travelers and try to avoid the large buses tourist groups' usual hours. Our website photos are a testament to this...

There are a lot of amazing places on our Planet. The Sea or the Mountains, the beaches or the ski resorts, big castles or small forts, forests & lakes, big cities or small villages, the beauty of which just makes you stop and admire… But how many places in our Planet can combine beauty with History and Mythology more than 10.000 years? The answer is in Greece… In Greece you will find all… Do not hesitate to contact us!

OUR COMMENT: We offer half day and day tours to the most popular destinations in and around Athens but there are also our multiple day tours (from 2 to 15 days...) These destinations have been carefully chosen to show off the ‘other Greece’ and its people while also visiting places of historical, biblical and archaeological interest. Greece Private tours also allows you to create your own tour. Tell us where you want to go, what you want to see and we will make it happen, make your dream a reality. Where there’s a will there’s a way, YOUR way. We sell experiences and not brochures...

 Greece Private tours working only with the best. We have made up a web of associates throughout Greece. The Boutique and 4 star hotels were exclusively chosen for their cleanliness, comfort, hospitality and quality breakfast. For taverns and restaurants apart from the taste, tradition and value also played a part in our selection. And only the best coffee houses or cafes have been chosen, the places where we ourselves stop for a coffee or just a small break. 

Our Drivers/ guides, we use have years of experience and are of course government certified, they must either Licensed professional drivers or be historians or archaeologists and above all polite, pleasant, welcoming, hospitable and promising to avoid taking you, to the typical tourist traps ( for shopping... etc ). Please view this link for possible questions

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