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“What an amazing tour.”​ Travel around mainland of Greece for 10 days, only with friends (10 of us) and a Knowledgeable driver /guide. We all Thank you...


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Ginny Gordon reviewed Greece Private Tours - 5 *

I cannot say enough for Greece Private Tours and the care they take of our guests - whether its an airport transfer or several days touring Greece... Nikolaos & Greece Private driver/guides are the best! I can truly depend on their personal services to take care of my best clients! " Best regards... Ginny Gordon. Celebrating 30 years of travel planning. "Your Vacation Is Our Profession" Travel Group Greenville South Carolina +1 864-242-2200 / 800-578-8952 -

Carolyn Tozer reviewed Greece Private Tours – 5 star

We traveled for six days with Nikos of Greece Private tours in August 2018. Of the six weeks of our holidays traveling with five adults from Australia it was the best and most memorable experience ever. Nikos took us to places you would never see if you were on a package tour and we experienced the true hospitality and welcome only the people of Greece can give. From the 2hour walk to the most southern lighthouse of mainland Greece to the massive cave we called the birthplace of Greek Mythology, from dinner in the twilight on a pebble beach under the gum trees to a glittering taverna in the evening in Olympia, from Gythio, to Methoni to many photos, so many memories. Nikos from Greece Private you stole our hearts, and we look forward to returning to Greece for another tour with you as soon as we can.


We are licensed and authorized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism & Greek National Tourism Organization. Even if you don’t choose Greece Private Travel for your tours or transfers,  choose wisely and only someone certified.  License Number: 0261E70000623201 / Navarchou Votsi 43. Athens Tk 17343

To Greece Private tours team:

We made it back safely and everyone had a great trip.  The girls noted that highlights included the tours with Nikos. I think Madeline and Bren wished they would have had a "Nikos" available in the other countries they visited. I have been spreading the good word about Greek Private Tours and just gave your contact information to someone who is coming to Greece in September. Attached are a few pictures to enjoy or even post on the site.  There are some good ones of Nikos.  I really like the picture of the girls jumping at the Parthenon! Again, thank you for making our trip so enjoyable.  All the best, Kim A. Perret

Kim A. Perret / HUNTON &WILLIAMS LLP /Director of Marketing & Business Development/ 1900 K Street NW / Washington, DC

5 years ago (2016) one of our ex-drivers Vassilis Vlachos construct his own website and duplicate our TripAdvisor link. He thought he had the right to do this as he had reviews with his name... As a result TripAdvisor after an investigation delete the link for both websites... I contact with them few times, but refuse to give me the link back with 180 reviews and in 5th position. Instead they suggested me to include my services in Viator as he did and pay 30% commission. 

Please see our real reviews on Google Maps

Paul Alan Levy's Blog reviewed Greece Private Tours - 5 *

Today we hired a car and driver (from the company Greek-Private Tours, for a day-long trip to visit ancient ruins in the northern part of the Peloponnese, on Corinth, Mycenae and Nafplion.  Our driver, Dimetrius, met us on one of the roads around the corner from the small lane where our apartment is located, and off we drove south from Athens.  I would recommend this company to others as a friend with extensive experience in Greece recommended the company to me.

David Gallaway reviewed Greece Private Tours – 5*

Our 10 day tour of mainland Greece was just fabulous. Our driver/guide Nicholas was very professional, extremely knowledgeable on all facets of Greek history and a great sense of humour. We chose Greek Private at random off the Internet and used TripAdvisor to check reviews. We can honestly say that we were not disappointed and that the tour lived up to all the hype. Because this was a private tour in a Mercedes mini van we could go to places that bigger buses are unable to access. Additionally Nicholas used his extraordinary knowledge of his country to show us hidden gems that we would have otherwise missed on a large tour bus.Absolutely would recommend this company for any tour in Greece from a city tour of Athens to a longer visit out in the surrounding countryside.

Lisa Williams reviewed Greece Private Tours - 5*

Dear Christos and Nicholas, I am sorry for not writing you a personal letter as I did not have your personal address. I just wanted you to know what an enjoyable trip Mary Ann , Cathy and I had with you. Thank you for all of your hard work in making our accommodations meet OUR needs. Jane thank you for making last minute reservations to Athens and getting us where we needed to go. Nicholas, thank you for all of your hard work and making our trip a memorable one!! The trip will be one we will never forget...the food, the wine, the spectacular scenery and above all the wonderful people along the way. Jane, I just love my pin, and have gotten so many compliments. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. We hope we will see you again soon. If you get to the US , please don't hesitate to call us.. I just don't think we could ever return the hospitality. Thank you again. We refer your company to everyone we talk to that want to travel to Greece . I know you are so proud of what you provide for so many people. Thanks again, Lisa Williams Asilstone@aol

Dear Alexa: We are back home after a fabulous time in Greece (still waking up at 4 am and feeling sleepy by 7 pm--jet lag is no fun!). I wanted to report to you that our tour-guide, Vasilis, was wonderful. He is an excellent driver and a smart, good-humoured, personable young man. He was polite and helpful at all times, and went out of his way to accommodate our wishes and interests. We were very pleased with his selections of places to eat, and with his constant concern for our comfort, convenience, and satisfaction. Once, when we came back from a long, hot walk, he greeted us with bottles of cold water. Another time, one of us asked about a Greek pastry we'd heard of, and the next day, he made a little "detour," took us to a cafe, and treated us to coffee and the 'bougatsa' we'd mentioned. He always drove us right up to the ticket window of every site we visited, told us where he would meet us when we finished, and he was always there, waiting for us. We thoroughly enjoyed his company, and he made our tour all the more enjoyable for his presence and guidance. As Vasilis gains more experience, and more knowledge about the histories and details of the various sites, he will be an absolutely perfect guide! All four of us loved him--it was hard to say 'good-bye.' As for the tour itself, we were extremely pleased with the way it was planned and with all that we got to see. Each day was full, without being overwhelming. There was a good balance of free time and activity. Our accommodations ranged from fine to very impressive. Of the many unforgettable and fascinating places we visited, we enjoyed every one, but we were most impressed by Meteora and Olympia. And, in Athens, there is the Acropolis, of course, but the Acropolis Museum is also a must-see. The tour you planned for us was just about perfect!

For my husband and me, this was the first time we ever booked a private tour of such length, and the entire experience was an outstanding one for us. I thank you most sincerely for all of your help and many quick responses while we were planning. We have come home with happy memories to last a lifetime. You can be sure that we recommend your company and services, without reservation, to all of our friends. Thank you again. Very truly yours, Kathleen Middleton

Dear Niko, I am writing to you in the hope that you will share my comments with persons wishing a reference for your tours of Greece. You may duplicate and distribute the following as you may find appropriate.
“We were a group of four American experienced travelers but none of us had ever visited Greece before May of 2005.  In setting up our tour we put ourselves in Nicolas’ hands for ten days and could not have been more pleased. In consultation with us he planned our itinerary, selected hotels, places to eat and sites to visit. His careful work and consideration resulted in a simply outstanding vacation. We were impressed with Nicolas’ knowledge of Greece from both a historical and current day perspective. He knows a great deal and he is articulate even to the extent of appreciating the subtle nuances of English. We toured in his Mercedes Benz van and felt safe with his driving habits even as we wound through small roads up and down mountainsides and through villages that could barely accommodate a single car. One member of our group had some special needs in terms of not being able to walk well and so Nicolas took special attention to finding ways that she could enjoy the places that were unreachable for her by foot. Time and space do not allow my sharing with you my thoughts about all the magnificent ancient sites we visited but I will say they were even more spectacular than I remembered from the many texts and photographs I have seen.
In making our decision to tour with Nicolas as opposed to taking a cruise or a tour bus we decided that having a personal and knowledgeable person leading us and staying in smaller villages and eating the foods that the people of Greece eat would be better than being on a large ship and partaking in the 24 hour buffets of mostly American food or stopping at restaurants that could accommodate large buses. As the trip concluded we congratulated each other on making a wise decision. Nicolas is a very talented individual and you must insist that as part of your tour he shows you his photographs of a Greece that you can’t possibly see in one tour. He has captured the seasons and the whole country of beautiful scenery. He also does some fine drawings and again we urge you to ask him to show you some of his artwork.
We found Nicolas to be completely reliable, considerate, well spoken and very wholesome. If we plan to return to Greece to see other parts of this wonderful country, as we may well do, we would have no reservation at all about reengaging him.”
Niko, the Morrison’s and the Ringel’s appreciate all the many ways in which you made our visit to Greece so special. As I promised I have just purchased a copy of Why People Believe Weird Things (remember the book that talked about religion and science and aliens visiting earth?) and I wish to send it to you as a gift. Please give me a good mailing address so that I can get the material to you. I am also including some photographs that I took of Greece and I want you to appreciate that you have real competition in the field of photography. Your work is great and my work is…(I’ll let you fill in the correct adjectives). If you would like to use some of these photographs on your website, you may do so. The only restriction is that if the photograph wins a national prize you will have to acknowledge my artistic mastery. Best regards to Jane. Robert L. Ringel, Professor of Audiology & Speech Sciences, Donald S. Powers Distinguished Professor, Purdue University, 500 Oval Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907  Tel: (765) 494-7744 - Fax:  (765) 494-0771 -E-mail:

Greece Private tours reviews
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