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Thank you for visiting our site Greece Private Tours, a unique website filled with original photos taken by our team. In this page we tried to include all possible visit long destinations in Greek mainland... Briefly, Greece is surrounded by water, but the mainland is full of mountains. Greece has very few valleys, so even if the distances between cities look near in the map it will take a long time to approach. Our website is not just designed to accommodate only clients. We have tried to include as much useful and practical information about Greece as possible to assist you in your planning. Please look through our site and not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. We are happy to help all visitors to Greece regardless of whether you use our services or not.

Greek Map

Private Long Tours in Greece, all year around (4 seasons).... We visit Greece as Travelers, not as Tourists... We sell Experiences and not Brochures


There are a lot of amazing places on our Planet. The Sea or the Mountains, the beaches or the ski resorts, big castles or small forts, forests & lakes, big cities or small villages, the beauty (nature or Architecture) of which, makes you stop and admire. But how many places in our Planet they can combine beauty with History and Mythology more than 10.000 years? The answer it's Greece. In Greece you will find all…  Do not hesitate to contact us!

Comment: Our Private Long tours from 6, 7, 8, 9 overnights or more..., give us the the chance to visit all the sites as travelers and succeed to avoid the large buses tourist groups' usual hours. Our websites photos are a testament to this... Call us with Viper or WhatsUp at 697 305 7711From other countries please view this link  

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