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One day Cruise / Hydra Poros Aegina

See the other GREECE / One day cruise from Athens

One day Cruise to 3 islands - Hydra / Poros / Aegina... An exceptional cruise to three islands in Argosaronicos, where you will see the other Greece. Departure time at 8.00 am / Return at 7.30 pm

1 Day Cruise Hydra Poros Aegina

One of the beauties of traveling to Athens is a captivating cruise to the magical islands of the Saronic Gulf.

Athens Day Cruises offers you the beauty of a day cruise to three islands, Hydra, Poros and Aegina with the promise of a world of pleasures on board. Imagine a day filled with golden moments on a day cruise from Athens, island hopping from Hydra, Poros and Aegina, aboard Athens Day Cruises, spacious, 3-deck cruise ships with every comfort and convenience to meet your expectations.

Live orchestra welcomes you on board with traditional Greek music and international favorites. You’ll enjoy an optional breakfast on deck and delight in our well-balanced menu with Greek local products, including fresh fruit, yogurt and local honey. Lounging on our decks is an exceptional experience surrounded by the legendary blue waters of the Saronic Gulf. You’ll appreciate many activities on board, such as listening to music while sipping your special cocktail, dancing and the fun of taking a Greek dance lesson.

Your lunch buffet offers you an exceptional culinary experience featuring a variety of authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by local wines (optional).

1 day cruise first stop is Hydra Island, where nothing disturbs the peace and quiet that surround the old traditional stone houses. The 1000 years of history will unroll before you as you stroll around the little stone paved streets either by foot,or on the back of a donkey who are considered the main transport here on the magical Hydra Island! After exploring  relax in one of the little cafeterias by the sea front for a cup of a traditional Greek coffee or refreshing lemonade.

1 day cruise second stop is  Poros Island, a tiny beautiful island. While on our way, come down to the main lounge for an open buffet with a lot of different food choices and a lively chat with your fellow travelers! Visit the enchanting town of Poros Island and walk by the citrus trees and windmills.

 1 day cruise third stop is Aegina Island , the perfect destination for the independent traveler who wants to experience the reality of a real living and historical sites! After exploring the Aegina Island, back on board of the Cruise Ship to sail back to Athens City. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze on one of the open decks or join us for a party that continues at the main lounge at the bar with live traditional music, dances and showman’s imaginative surprises. The party goes on until you disembark from the most wanted attraction in Athens City “One Day Cruise to 3 Islands“.