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Private Tour to Sparta, Mystras, Olympia & Delphi

Private tour in Sparta and Medieval town of Mystras, Ancient Olympia & Delphi

Private 3 days tour in Ancient Olympia... Travel to Sparta /Mystras /Olympia / Delphi... via Mount Taygetos, Rio/ Antirio Bridge, to mount Parnassus... Greece Private Classical tour with a local driver/guide


3 days tour Ancient Sparta, Mystras, Olympia & Delphi. See sites from different Angles

Day 1: Sparta/ Olympia/ Delphi private tour leaves Athens (request another departure terminal) drives westwards along the scenic coast , through the ancient areas of Elefsis and Megara until we reach the Corinth canal with its breathtaking views (short stop / on the bridge, which is the highest point of the canal -80 meters high and 6 km long- which connects the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea (short stop). Our private tour continues for Sparta and the Byzantine town of Mystras.

The ancient theater of Sparta is on the southern side of the Acropolis of Sparta. We do not know whether there was a theater on this site in archaic times, if there was a structure of some kind, it would have been wooden, or the natural form of the slope itself may have served the purpose, as it did for contemporary Athenians as the theater of Dionysus. In Roman times the stage and the amphitheater was replaced form marble and stone Visit the Acropolis & Museum of Sparta

Private tour in Sparta, Olympia Delphi

Greece private tour follows  the road from Sparta which passes through plane trees, cypresses, olive trees, mulberries and orange trees, to reach  mount Taygetos, the largest and highest in Peloponnese, with majestic views. We continue to Kalamata, known for the Olives, trees and Olive oil. Overnight in Ancient Olympia.

Private tour in Sparta, Olympia Delphi

Day 2: Private tour in Olympia...visit the Site  (Gymansium, Work shop of Fidias, Zeus Temple, Ancient Stadium , Hera's Temple, more... & Archaeological Museum plus Museum of History of the Games...

Depart afternoon for Delphi via Rio- Antirio, take the ferry or the Bridge, drive the scenic coast road by Corinthian Golf, short stop at beautiful Galaxidi... Continue to Mount Parnassus / Overnight

Private tour in Sparta, Olympia Delphi

Day 3: Private tour in Delphi...visit the Site - Gymnasium, Apollo Oracle & Temple... Archaeological Museum... Return afternoon for Athens Via Levadia ( Krya Springs - short stop)

Private tour in Sparta, Olympia Delphi

Touring Info

Private tour to Sparta & Mystras Ancient Olympia  - Delphi.

Daily: 3 Days Tour. Please read Touring/Info*

Sites & Museums: Summer: daily, 8.00 to 20.00 pm. Winter: Sunset / entry 30 min before closing. Entrance fee to Mystras 8 Euro. Sparta Museum 3 Euro. Olympia & Delphi12 Euro (each)

Closed on Holidays: January 1st. , March 25th, May 1st, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. On Good Friday, the sites are open 12.00 - 17.00.


Highlights of Sparta/ Mystras,

Acropolis Hill/ Sparta Museum (Monday Closed) /Ancient Theater / Leonidas Memorial / Mount Taygetos/ Mystras Medieval town 5km - Mount Taygetos / Ancient Olympia, Ferry from Rio to Antirio, Galaxidi, Mount Parnassus, Delphi, Levadia (Krya Springs). We visit the sites as travelers and we try to avoid the tourist groups at the their visit usually hours...Our Photos its a prove of this

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